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Japan AC Outsourcing Co., Ltd. SAKUMA CPA OFFICE

We specialize in providing professional Accounting &Bookeeping and Tax services in Japan.

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Japanese social insurance system

All regular employees of workspace in Japan regardless of nationality are required to participate in the Employees' Health Insurance System and the Employees' Pension Insurance System, provided the number of hours and the number of days they work at the workspaces are generally at least three-fourths those of other ordinary employees of those workplaces.

As proof of coverage, the insured person receives a Health insurance Certificate for the  Employees' Health Insurance System and a Pension Handbook for  the Employees' Pension Insurance System.

Employees must join the insurance Systems when they begin working at their workplaces. Monthly insurance charges are determined according to the insured person's salary, and are shared equally between the employer and the insured person.

Employees' Health Insurance Benefits

When receiving treatment for illness or injury in Japan, the insured person or dependant should present the Employees' Health insurance Certificate at the registration desk of the hospital or clinic. As of 70% of the expenses will be paid by the Employees' Health Insurance System, the insured person needs to pay only 30% of the medical expenses.

Employees' Pension Insurance Benefits

If the insured person has participated in the public pension system for at least 25 years, they will in principle, receive the Employees' Pension from when they reach 65 years of age until their death. When a non-Japanese citizen on a short-term stay in Japan who has participated in the  Employees' Pension Insurance System for at least six months but has not received any benefits in Japan, they will be paid a lump-sum benefit according to the length of participation.

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