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Japan AC Outsourcing Co., Ltd. SAKUMA CPA OFFICE

Japan AC Outsourcing Co., Ltd. SAKUMA CPA OFFICE

We specialize in providing professional Accounting &Bookeeping and Tax services in Japan.

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Notification of Incorporation

Upon completion of the procedures for incorporation of a company, the following notifications must be filed with a tax office and other government agencies.

Tax Office

Notification of incorporation of a corporation, initial balance sheet, transcript of the registry in connection with the registration of incorporation, shareholder registry, application for approval of blue returns, notification of establishment of an office from which salaries will be paid, etc., application for approval of special treatment as to the due date of withholding income taxes, notification of the method of depreciation of depreciable assets, notification of the method of inventory valuation.

Prefectural Tax Office

Notification of incorporation of a corporation

Social Insurance Office

Notification of the current status of the business entity subject to the new application of health insurance and employees’ pension insurance, notifications of qualification as the insured person, notifications of dependents

Labor Standards Office

Notification concerning establishment of labor insurance Public Employment Security Office
Notification of establishment of an enterprise subject to application of employment insurance, notifications of acquisition of qualification as the insured person of employment insurance

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